3 Ways to Integrate Instagram Photos in Your Business Website

April 25, 2017 • Online & Social, Sponsored

Showcasing Instagram photos and videos in your business website increases customer engagement.

Showcasing Instagram photos and videos in your business website increases customer engagement and satisfaction.

Everyone wants their business to grow. If your product and services are viewed by more visitors, it will help your business to grow and gain more revenue. One way to increase the flow of visitors is to use Instagram photos in your business website.

Popularity of Instagram
There is no doubt social media is the best platform for marketing your business. Today, Instagram has more users compared to other social networking sites like Twitter. Many leading brands have already started using Instagram to their advantage.

Instagram has more than 300 million users. By showcasing Instagram photos and videos in your business website, you can engage your customers more and make them happy. Only happy and satisfied customers will come back to your website for making purchases. If you are able to post the right kind of Instagram images in your website, it can push your product and services to another level and the business will gain more attention from users.

It is not easy to show case your Instagram images and videos. Only someone with good knowledge about Instagram and WordPress will be able to integrate Instagram into your website.

Here, we look at 3 different ways to show your Instagram photos in your business website and help your business to grow.

1. Activating Instagram Widgets: By activating Instagram widgets in your business website, you can easily display Instagram photos and videos. You can display Instagram photos & videos in the footer, sidebar or in other widget areas.

To activate your Instagram Widget, you need to add Instagram widget in your business website without authorizing it. The next step is to grant access to your Instagram account. The user can set the number of images to be displayed in the widget and also set the layout. Once all the changes are made, the user needs to click on the “Save & Publish” option and your website will have the Instagram widget.

2. Embedding Instagram Photos: Embedding your Instagram photos in your business website is another way to show case the Instagram photos. By embedding the Instagram photos, it is easy for the user to tell a story and convince the visitor to buy the product and services offered in your business website. Embedding Instagram account will also encourage the visitors to follow your Instagram account so that they remain close to your product and services.

It is very easy to embed an Instagram account in your business website. You just need to copy and paste the Instagram photo URL in the editor. Once done, click on the Publish button and you can see the Instagram photo appearing in your website along with the caption and comments.

3. Adding Instagram Social Media Icon: Another method to show case the Instagram photos in your business website is by adding the Instagram social media icon. You can put the Instagram social media icon in the sidebar of your business website.

To add the Instagram social media icon in your website, you first need to launch the customizer. After launching the customizer, click on the widgets and select the widget area and the widget. Now, enter your Instagram account details without any mistake. That’s it. You have added Instagram in your business website.

To survive in a highly competitive world, it is important for any business organization to try different marketing techniques. Using pictures and videos from Instagram is the latest trend for attracting more visitors to your website and providing them with valuable information. With the help of a web design expert, it is possible to add Instagram to your business website and see the positive outcome.


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