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Nigeria: MainOne deploys anti-cyber attack service

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Nigeria: MainOne deploys anti-cyber attack service.

MainOne has launched a counter cyber-attack service in Lagos for Nigerian businesses to check for internet attacks.

According to a report via TelecomPaper, MainOne revealed that the service has become necessary as more businesses go online.

According to the report, the company said the new service, recently developed in partnership with Radware, is targeted at a variant of cyber-attack called Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), known to render online service unavailable with overwhelming internet traffic.

The newly-launched DDoS attack solution is hosted locally at MDXi, MainOne Company in Lagos, a Tier III data center in West Africa built to help meet the rapidly growing demand for colocation.

Chidinma Iwe, MainOne’s Chief Information Security Officer said, within the report, that cybercrime attacks in Nigeria cost the country an estimated NGN 127 billion per year. At a global level, the cost of cybercrime attacks is pegged at USD 400 billion per year.

According to MainOne, other services supported by the anti-cyber attack service include Managed Hosting and Cloud services within the region, with the company’s MDXi that houses the DDOS detection and mitigation system.

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