Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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SA Startup offers free guide to the stock market

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The team behind StockShop. (Image Source: StockShop).

The latest startup to grace the African continent, stockshop.co.za, is offering a free guide to the stock market, which will allow individuals to learn, trade and invest.

Founder and CEO, Annabel Dallamore, revealed that she had learned at her previous position, at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, that most people think of the stock market as opaque, scary and complicated and that it is only accessible to a select few.

Additionally, Dallamore revealed that she was inundated with queries about the stock market from people who wanted to invest their money, but didn’t know how to begin or who to turn to for advice. She also discovered that that there are very few South Africans who invest directly on the JSE. As a result, Stock Shop was born to help grow retail participation in the South African stock market.

Dallamore explains that: “At Stock Shop we believe that the South African stock market should be accessible to everyone. We want to help spread the benefits of investing and saving in South Africa. We have to change from a credit culture to a savings and investment culture. If you want to invest your money responsibly, Stock Shop can help educate and inform you about the stock market as well as present the products and services available. It can help you learn more so you make well-informed decisions.”

According to Dallamore: “Stockshop curates all the relevant education tools (news, research, events, webinars, podcasts etc.) as well as products and services (online share trading platforms, personal brokers, unit trusts, ETFs, ETNs, asset managers, wealth managers) and trading tools (trading software, calculators, analysis tools etc.) in one easy-to-use platform. The Stock Shop facilitates the interaction between retail investors and the product and service providers.”

“It also offers Stock Shop Academy, an online learning platform. Users can upskill themselves in their own time, at their own pace, very cost-effectively as most of the wide variety of courses are free.”

“The website also offers Stock Shop Daily News, a news service which offers new-to-the-market readers updates on financial news, tips and demystifies important financial concepts.”

“Stockshop generates revenue via lead generation for product and service providers as well as taking a portion of monthly trading fees,” concluded Dallamore.

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