Yookos mobile app gets a feature upgrade

yookosYookos has recently updated its mobile app features in order to enhance the user experience on Android, IOS and Blackberry handsets. The social networking site released the upgrade on September 4th and intends on focusing on photos, status updates  and private messaging.

The Yookos app receives its user-base from Nigeria, UK, South Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe. According to the social networking platform, the release of the upgraded features will now enable users to create photo albums, repost status and allow easy access of private messages across all mobile platforms facilitating more intimate conversations between friends.

The product development team has embarked on an ongoing project to improve the networking site. Tomisin Fashina, CEO of Yookos stated that: “Our operational philosophy is shaped by a desire to constantly leverage innovative ideas and solutions that will not only expand the functionality of the platform but also make its usage incredible.”

Yookos is a social networking site started in 2011 to encourage sharing and consumption of information for people across the globe.

Darryl Linington