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How effective is corporate online advertising in Africa?

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Marketing and communications executives are under a tremendous amount of pressure to prove the effectiveness of corporate online initiatives. To ensure funding, marketing offices must measure the return on investment of their strategies and communicate their success in tangible ways.

Many marketing and communications executives are faced with a variety of burning questions that need to be answered when initiating multiple campaigns. These questions range from: Do you know how to effectively measure the ROI of your online marketing efforts; Can you successfully communicate their value to key stakeholders?

onlinemarketing_shutterstock_214094491Marketing is essentially an investment; however, without the right tools the return on invest can become slim pickings. As a marketer, you can have the best adverts, placed in the best locations on the Internet – but if you don’t have the tools to effectively analyse performance they essentially become redundant.

According to Raymond Buckle, Chair emeritus of the Mobile Marketing Association: “digital media and mobile specifically provides the most measurable opportunity for marketing, PR and communication spend, from exposure and reach, to engagement and conversion – yet brands and marketers find it very difficult to relate these metrics back to real-world objectives like sales and brand lift”
Measuring marketing ROI is about gaining knowledge. Relevant knowledge brings greater ROI in marketing and optimises a company’s marketing performance and effectiveness.

To gain valuable insight on these topics IT News Africa will be hosting a 2 day workshop titled “Measuring the ROI of corporate online campaigns” from 28 to 29 October 2014 at THE GORDON INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS SCIENCE in Johannesburg, South Africa. The seminar, endorsed by the Mobile Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa, has been designed for marketing and communications professionals at multiple levels. No matter your role, you will learn the latest techniques, best practices and questions you should be asking to effectively measure and communicate the return on investment of your online marketing initiatives.

Topics at this intensive 2-day workshop will include:

+ What should you be measuring and why?
+ What the publishers won’t tell you!
+ Measurements you should use to compare online marketing costs to marketing outcomes
+ Using data to understand customer engagement
+ Understanding acquisition, conversion and retention tactics
+ Analysing Traffic Sources and Campaigns
+ Working with Agencies and Partners effectively
+ Planning your mobile marketing strategy. How much should you spend?
+ Mobile Insight and Analytics
+ How to calculate the ROI of your mobile marketing campaign

To download the workshop brochure click here
For more information click here


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