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Video Interview: Cobus Potgieter talks tech & YouTube

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Cobus Potgieter
Cobus Potgieter: South African YouTube Star. (Image Source: Amazon News)

IT News Africa caught up with South African YouTube sensation, Cobus Potgieter, to discuss tech in Africa. Potgieter also gave IT News Africa the run down on the equipment and tech that he uses as well as advice to Africans who want to break out onto the YouTube scene.

Potgieter started out on the video streaming platform back in 2006, in order to observe his form and technique. Since then, Potgieter has become one of YouTube’s most viewed stars.

In the latter part of 2011, Potgieter was invited to join by 2Cellos, another YouTube sensation at Google’s Inspiration Night concert in Tel Aviv. At the time, the 2Cellos were touring with Elton John. Potgieter was joined by another young YouTube music sensation Maria Aragon who performed with Lady Gaga.

Potgieter stated that: “As most people my age, I was quite active online and had a good idea about which websites were gaining traction and what was happening on the Internet.”

When first venturing onto the web, Potgieter stated on his personal website that: “I can’t remember exactly where I heard about it for the first time,  but I remember finding out about YouTube before most of my fellow South Africans did, mostly because broadband access in South Africa at that stage was very limited and very expensive, making it very difficult for a video-sharing website to gain traction.”

“I remember loving the idea of such an open platform, being able to post anything for the world to see. Even though I was quite a shy and introverted guy, there was something inside me that responded to the possibility of performing for people – from the comfort of my room, in a very controlled way.”

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