Zimbabwe: Telecel introduces WhatsApp bundles

Zimbabwe Govt. to purchase Telecel.
Telecel has launched a variety of WhatsApp bundles.

The Telecel WhatsApp bundles are available for both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. There are three WhatsApp bundles that can be purchased. The daily bundle, which costs 29 cents, gives subscribers access to WhatsApp for 24 hours.

The weekly bundle, which is valid for seven days, costs 89 cents. In addition to access to WhatsApp for a week, it gives the subscriber 5MB of bonus data for the first 1 000 subscribers who sign up for this bundle. The monthly bundle, which costs $2,85 and is valid for 30 days, comes with 20 MB of bonus data for the first 500 subscribers who sign up.

“The WhatsApp bundles allow unlimited messaging. Subscribers can chat, send videos and share voice notes without having to worry about running out of data. Even if the ordinary data has been used up, it will still be possible to use WhatsApp.

“The $2,85 per month bundle is a real winner. One subscription will guarantee the subscriber unlimited access to WhatsApp for a whole month. Moreover the subscriber receives bonus data to browse the internet,” commented Telecel marketing Director Octivius Kahiya.

To purchase the bundles, subscribers can dial *480# or SMS the letter ‘W’ to 33480.


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