BlackBerry willing to give up making smartphones

BlackBerry’s Executive Chair and CEO, John Chen

Troubled handset manufacturer BlackBerry has conceded that it is open to ditching its device business.

BlackBerry’s Executive Chair and CEO, John Chen
BlackBerry’s Executive Chair and CEO, John Chen

BlackBerry CEO John Chen explained that while he had no particular plans to discontinue making smartphones, it could be an option. “I don’t have a plan to get rid of handsets, I have a plan to not be dependent on handsets. All I need to do is replace the handset revenue, and this company will be very different,” Chen said.

While the Canadian smartphone maker has had its fair share of troubles, Chen took over as CEO from long-serving Thorsten Heins, with a mandate to turn the company around.

Rumours have been making the rounds that BlackBerry might be sold off at a loss, but the new Chen has different plans-

“Maybe the prior management had the luxury to bet the world would come to it. I don’t have that luxury at all. I’m losing money and burning cash. I’m not running the company for a sale. I’m running the company to generate value, to grow the business.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor