Nigeria: strong push for female technology empowerment

November 4, 2013 • Top Stories, West Africa


Nigeria’s ICT Minster Omobola Johnson (Image source: WEF)

Nigeria’s ICT Minster Omobola Johnson (Image source: WEF)

A series of gender-based initiatives will be launched in Lagos today with the objective of attracting women into the ICT sector and empowering them with relevant skills.

Media reports, including one published by Vanguard, refer to an announcement made by The Minister of Communications, Omobola Johnson, about the launch of SmartWoman Nigeria, 1000 Girls in Training Programme and ICT Girls Clubs.

These three initiatives have been established to improve the technology skills levels of women and girls in the West African country and enhance their self-reliance.

SmartWomen Nigeria and the 1000 Girls in Training Programme are scheduled for official launch today, and the ICT Girls Clubs will be introduced in 2014, according to Vanguard.

The SmartWomen Nigeria initiative exposes low-to-middle income urban and high-income rural women to a range of key skills sets, including financial, banking, health, communication and work/life balance.

It is designed around the use of mobile communication tools to empower women.

1000 Girls in Training is a three-day programme that will provide ICT training to unemployed learners with the objective of aligning them with employment opportunities.

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