Microsoft’s Xbox One gets unboxed

The Xbox One's new controller (image: Microsoft)

With the imminent release of Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console, the company released a video in which Head of Programming Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) unpacks one of the first retail versions of the console. The video provides the first glimpse of what users will get in the retail box.

The Xbox One's new controller (image: Microsoft)
The Xbox One’s new controller (image: Microsoft)

“Our own Major Nelson has created a special surprise and we couldn’t be more pumped to share this video with you. It’s kind of like opening that Christmas gift you’ve been eyeing under the tree, or the birthday surprise you’ve been awaiting. That’s right – we present to you – the unboxing of Xbox One,” wrote Lisa Gurry, Xbox Wire Editor, in a blog post.

“While working on this video, we uncovered several cool facts about Xbox One and the components that ship in the box,” she added.

In the video users see for the first time the 4K HDMI cable that ships with the unit. “When we say 4K HDMI cable, we mean it. The HDMI cable we’re including is an actual Category 2 HDMI cable, rated for 1080P, 3D and 4K, according to the HDMI 1.4 spec.”

Revealing the actual unit, the new Kinect sensor and the controller, users can see the new integrated battery compartment on the Xbox One controller, and how it blends seamlessly into the back.

“The Xbox One console is state of the art – a 500GB hard drive, slot load Blu-ray drive, IR blaster port, HDMI input and output connectors, a S/PDIF interface, new Kinect sensor port, three USB 3.0 Super Speed ports, Wired and Wireless network support and a Kensington Security Slot. Of course, what’s most important is what the console can do – if you haven’t checked out the latest product details on, you should,” Gurry said.

Have a look at the official unboxing video below, with Microsoft’s Major Nelson:

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor