Top five moments from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us

** Warning: this article contains spoilers **

By now most PlayStation 3 gamers should have played and/or completed Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. The title has received a heap of praise, and even IT News Africa gave the title a review score of 92%.

A screenshot from The Last of Us (image: Naughty Dog)

Besides for the stunning graphics and the great personality plays between the main characters Ellie and Joel, there were a number of moments in the title that really shook gamers – either out of pure shock, or out of happiness.

IT News Africa took a look at the top five moments (in chronological order) from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us that made an impact on us during the entire game.

1. Sarah’s death

The title starts off with players assuming the role of Sarah, a young girl and the daughter of main characters Joel. She gets awoken late at night by gun fire and her father’s ringing phone. As she wanders through the empty house, Joel bursts through the door and summon her to the car.

As they try to make their way out of town on foot, Joel and Sarah gets stopped by the military. Setting the tone for the rest of the title and also Joel’s personality, the soldier opens fire on them – killing Sarah.

2. Tess’ last stand

Twenty years after the death of Sarah, Tess and Joel are asked by the Fireflies to escort Ellie to a safe house, and they both agree. Tess was once in a relationship with Joel, and it’s clear that she still has feeling for him, even though it’s not clear if he feels the same way. Making their way through the Boston Zone and outside the city, they reach the Capitol – only to find that all the Fireflies there have been killed.

Tess reveals to Joel (and Ellie) that she has been bitten by an Infected, which results in a rather emotional argument. Soldiers arrive at the Capitol, and Tess insist that Joel leave with Ellie, while she buys them some time. Tess is ultimately killed in the firefight.

3. Joel getting impaled

While trying to get Ellie to safety by criss-crossing the US, the pair eventually end up at the University of Eastern Colorado (UEC), as Joel was told the Fireflies have a medical facility there that could use Ellie to formulate a cure.

During a firefight in the Science Building at UEC, Joel gets knocked over a railing by a Hunter, fall a number of floors and impales himself on an iron rod. While he survived, he is severely injured and barely made it through till the winter.

4. Ellie and David’s fight

During the winter months, and with Joel still trying to recover from being impaled on an iron rod, Ellie sets out to find some food – where she meets David. During a conversation, they get ambush by Infected and retreat to safety. After several altercations with Infected, David reveals to Ellie that it was in fact his men who Joel and Ellie killed at UEC (and who caused Joel to get impaled).

David eventually lets Ellie leave, but send his men to track down the pair – who captures Ellie. After being in captivity for a number of days, Ellie eventually escapes. The main fight between Ellie and David occurs in the camp’s restaurant, where Ellie brutally kills David with a machete.

5. The giraffes

In the spring season and having recovered from being impaled, Joel and Ellie set off to find the hospital in Utah where the Fireflies have been holding out. On their way there, Ellie makes a startling discovery while moving through the building – a large herd of giraffes from the Salt Lake City zoo.

Up to this point, Ellie has been incredibly conflicted, as she dwells on her experience with David. Seeing the giraffes and being able to touch it, she lightens up somewhat. During a conversation, Joel asks her “This everything you were hoping for?” to which Ellie replies, “It’s got it ups and downs. You can’t deny the view, though.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor


  1. You guys got it wrong twice because the scene with Harold and his brother should have been at least number 5, speaking of which the number 5 giraffe scene was not the scene Elle commented on the view , she did that when Tess was still alive and the view was from a rooftop to the capital building. Everyone makes mistakes and I'm not being judgemental but this deserves mention at the least and maybe change your 5th moment or increase to six with my honorable mention!

    • Speaking of got it wrong its HENRY not Harold, its ELLIE not Elle and ELLIE said "You can’t deny the view" TWICE in the game. Once at the beginning with Tess and once at the end with the giraffes. Come on man its even in the video in the article. Everyone makes mistakes and I'm not being judgmental but if you are going to call someone out for making mistakes then you should make sure your post is not full of errors like yours was

    • Hi Irvin. Thanks for the comment. You'll see from the video above (number 5) that Ellie says the quoted lines at the 3:35min mark.

  2. NO, the writer right and u wrong…. I don't remember harold exist in the last of us.but I do remember Henry and his poor little brother Sam.. and no5. The giraffes scene, Ellie did say the same exact word she said back there when she and joel looking at the capitol.. "you can’t deny the view".

    Everyone makes mistakes and I'm not being judgemental but please double check next time.

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