Don’t become a victim of cable faults

Much like the meanderings of global weather systems or the rumbling of an active volcano, the performance of Internet connectivity in any given region can be challenging to forecast.

Mimecast Senior Sales Engineer & Security Specialist, Heino Gevers (image: Mimecast)

This sobering reality has been scarcely more evident than in the past few days. Not unlike the epicentre of an earthquake, an unforeseen submarine cable fault in the Mediterranean recently plunged the vast majority East Africa’s online population into total data darkness. The shockwaves reverberated throughout the continent, arguably hitting South African residents with the weight of their might.

Unable to effectively do their jobs, access information or communicate with one another, thousands took to social media platforms to make their voices heard. Many blamed their Internet Service Providers for their failure to provide adequate redundancy; some pointed fingers at ‘ham-fisted’ submarine cable operators whilst only a precious few accepted their ill fortune and simply waited for life to restore itself once more.

The harsh truth is that these events simply cannot be predicted. They are an unfortunate by-product of a world in which trawlers dredge the ocean depths and cargo ships anchor out to sea.

This is not to suggest that we have no influence over our digital fortune. In fact, we alone have the power to determine how we access information.

By situating personal or corporate data in a repository which is sensitive to unforeseen circumstances we put ourselves at risk. All too often, cloud offerings simply do not have the scale or policies in place to replicate information globally, giving users access to their files and folders wherever they may be.

The answer lies in opting for consolidated ‘always on’ solutions which afford users the same experience regardless of the manner in which they are connecting.

Mimecast’s Unified Email Management solution is a good example.  By storing all of our customer’s information perpetually in geographically dispersed local data centres, we are equipped to provide seamless consistent access to all electronic communication and archived information – in the office, on your mobile device or whilst roaming.

Only offerings of this nature have the capacity to free begrudged subscribers from their shackles by empowering them with the tools to do their jobs, access information or communicate with one another on any platform.

We are fortunate enough to live in an almost ubiquitously connected society. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of happenstance, subscribe to a reputable cloud vendor which allows users to access their information in any way you see fit.

Mimecast Senior Sales Engineer & Security Specialist, Heino Gevers