PowerSkin debuts BlackBerry Z10 battery case

PowerSkin, a maker of shock-absorbing, battery-boosting cases for smartphones and gaming accessories, debuted the first NFC-enabled battery case for the BlackBerry Z10, providing a boost of power in a one-piece design.

PowerSkin debuted the first NFC-enabled battery case for the BlackBerry Z10 (image: PowerSkin)

“PowerSkin dominates the battery case market in the Android and BlackBerry space,” said Shaun Ng, Product Manager for XPAL Power. Ng went on to say “We take pride in offering the widest selection of battery cases in the market and are particularly proud to launch PowerSkin for BlackBerry’s latest hero handset the Z10.”

The Z10 PowerSkin boasts a one-piece, soft silicone exterior that is both shock and dust-proof, weighing in at a featherweight 88 grams. An integrated 1500mAh rechargeable battery extends the phones power by up to 60% and users can control the flow of power using the on/off button.

LED light strip on the back indicates the amount of battery charge remaining. The slim 20mm design also features PowerSkins patent-pending technology enabling NFC transmission to pass through the silicone case for quick information sharing.

The Z10 PowerSkin is now available at www.powerskin.co.uk for £59.99 or €74.99 with free shipping across Europe for a limited period.

Staff writer