Tanzania moves closer to full digital broadcasting

The Tanzania Daily News reports that the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) will stop the analogue television broadcasting system for Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions on 31 March, signalling the move to digital across the entire Northern Zone.

Tanzania's Communications Authority has confirmed the move from analogue to digital across the country's Northern Zone. (Image: Shutterstock.com)

Habbi Gunze, TCRA Director of Broadcasting Affairs, confirmed the latest development. He is quoted as saying, “”We are told that Arusha was already prepared for digital immigration because so far, a total of 50,000 digital decoders have been sold here and 10,000 more shipped into the region this week.”

TCRA manager overseeing the Northern Zone and engineer, Annette Matinde has stated that the move from analogue to digital has been “smooth and successful” in areas like Tanga and that the expectation that it will be the same for Arusha and Kilimanjaro.

According to the report the country will officially terminate all analogue broadcasts from 30 April when the Southern Mbeya region will also be switched off.

*Image via Shutterstock

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