Nigeria’s Glo launches Flexi package


With telecommunications operators facing criticism by both Nigeria’s regulator and the country’s citizens, Glo is hoping that new initiatives can win back the hearts and minds of users.

Glo Mobile is launching a new billing package that will give customers discounts (image: file)

Glo Mobile says it will launch a new billing package that will give customers discounts based on their phone usage. The move is seen as an attempt by the company to promote its brand through existing users.

Glo FLeXi is being described by the company “as a dynamic tariffing package that depends on the density of traffic on the network at any point in time.”

The company added that “The system looks at network usage behavior and gives discounts ranging from zero percent to 99 percent depending on the time of day and their geographical location.”

With networks in Nigeria facing a number of outages and customer service ratings for telecom operators at low levels of positivity, Globacom argued that “subscribers are guaranteed better network quality on the Glo network as the massive discounts ensure proper utilization of network resources.”

The company believes that they are positioning themselves with the new billing package as a leader in the sector and hope that existing users will be pleased with their continued effort to boost customer relations with ongoing new packages.

David Eto