Airtel Rwanda launches unlimited talk

Rwanda’s telecom sector is set to get a boost with Airtel Rwanda’s introduction of unlimited call packages for subscribers. The goal is to entice users to switch over to the company as Rwanda seeks to bolster its mobile phone market.


Airtel Rwanda has introduced unlimited call packages for subscribers. (Image: Google/

According to Airtel Rwanda, existing subscribers are only required to top up their account for a certain amount of time and then they will be given uninterrupted call services.

According to reports on the new initiative, Airtel hopes that by changing from the current billing method of paying per minute or per second, customers will receive more options for more calls, which will boost the overall subscriber base and levels of customer service. 

“Subscribers will only need to top up RWF 300 to enjoy free on-net calls the whole day, RWF 2,000 for a week and RWF 7,000 for a month,” the Head of Marketing, Heritiana Randrianarison said, adding that the packages are tagged “unlimited way to communicate.”

It follows the announcement by the country’s telecom regulator that Rwanda would see all counterfeit telephones shut down sometime in the new year, following similar moves by other East African countries to enhance security within the telecom sector.

Mohammad Awad


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