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MTN introduces more choice on BlackBerry service plans

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MTN South Africa has introduced three new BlackBerry service plans that are designed to suit the unique needs of BlackBerry smartphone users, whether it is for instant messaging services such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Email, browsing, social networking or all of the above. MTN BlackBerry customers are now able to choose the BlackBerry plan that best suit their needs.

Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA (image: file)

“MTN understands its customers’ needs and is able to tailor unique packages to meet these needs,” says Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA.

“We observed that there are BlackBerry customers that do not have the BlackBerry Internet Service activated for a variety of reasons and this pointed us towards the need to introduce more options to address the range of unique customer requirements. We therefore designed these three packages to offer choice to our customers and empower them with a customised cellular service to meet their specific needs.”

For only R14.95, the new BlackBerry Messaging Plan will allow MTN BlackBerry customers access to BBM and one web-based Email account (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.). The plan is ideal for customers who use their BlackBerry smartphone to send and receive Email and keep in touch with their loved ones via BBM, but do not need to use the Internet or other data services.

MTN customers, who choose the new BlackBerry Social Plan for only R19.95, will be able to access social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, download applications from BlackBerry App World, browse the Internet and communicate with other BlackBerry users through BBM. Furthermore, customers will also get access to one BlackBerry Email account (

The BlackBerry Social and Email Plan, at R29.95 per month, is for those customers who use BBM, web browsing, email and social networking. In addition to the benefits included in the BlackBerry Social Plan, they will also get access to one web-based Email account.

The existing BlackBerry Internet Service plan at R59,00 per month is still available on the MTN network. BlackBerry Internet Service gives customers unlimited access to BlackBerry data services from their BlackBerry smartphones.

This includes access to the Internet, BBM, social networking sites, BlackBerry App World and up to 10 supported corporate and personal email accounts (including most popular ISP email accounts such as, Yahoo! Mail and Google Mail).

“The new BlackBerry service plans are all available immediately on the MTN network,” notes Taukobong. “Our customers are now able to experience MTN’s world-class network at affordable rates according to their usage needs. Most young people use BBM as their primary means of communication; and through these new services, they can now reduce the amount spent to stay connected.”

The BlackBerry Messaging Plan and BlackBerry Social Plans have a data allowance of 10MB each, whilst the BlackBerry Social and Email Plan has a 25MB data allowance. Customers will be charged at R1.00 per MB for any additional data access that is not included in the new BlackBerry plans.

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