Ren Zhengfei: Huawei Optimistic About Growth Prospects

Huawei Founder and CEO, Mr. Ren Zhengfei, has outlined Huawei’s commitment to enrich life through communications and to address the issue of cyber security challenges within the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. Mr. Ren also discussed Huawei’s optimism about the company’s plans to deepen through increased investment.


Huawei has outlined its commitment to enrich life through communications and to address the issue of cyber security challenges within ICT. (Image: File)

“The key to the future development of the electronic information industry lies in cyberspace technology. Cyberspace is a new strategic domain unlike physical territory. What makes the two domains different is that competition in cyberspace is not characterized by occupying territories and forming closed positions, but by being openly accessible,” said Mr. Ren. “We must utilize information to benefit mankind and adopt a positive attitude towards data floods—not merely look at the ills or complexities that they create.”

Huawei projects that network traffic will grow by 75 times in the next 10 years, while mobile broadband traffic will grow by more than 2,000 times. Key to the development of the telecoms industry is the creation of data pipes that are wide enough to manage huge amounts of data. Mr. Ren compared data floods to the water of the Volga River and said: “What we can do is to build data pipes that have a diameter wider than the Volga River, even wider than the Pacific Ocean, to make communication and data transmission smooth. Data, by nature, tends to be open. What we can do is to leverage the full potential of data. As data flooding increases far faster than prevention technology develops, the whole industry faces information security challenges. Cyber security is a common issue that the whole industry has to face. We must join hands to proactively address this issue.”

Huawei is committed to building a harmonious business environment and localized operations to support the advancement of the ICT industry and increase its competitiveness. Through system integrations, localized manufacturing and research and development, Huawei has established an integrated industrial chain internationally and trained a large number of local talents. “Huawei will continue to contribute to the information industry in Russia through localized operations and increased investments,” Mr. Ren concluded.

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