MTN launches Nokia Lumia 900


Mobile operator MTN South Africa announced that the highly anticipated Nokia Lumia 900 is available exclusively to MTN customers at selected MTN stores across the country. “The wait is almost over for Lumia smartphones,” says Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA.

Microsoft's MD Mteto Nyati during the launch event in Johannesburg (image: Charlie Fripp)

“The award-winning smartphone is scheduled to arrive at MTN stores across the country on June 28th and available on an MTN Anytime 200 contract for R369 per month over 24 months including 75MB Internet bundle for the duration of the contract. MTN customers can experience world-class Internet connectivity in the palm of their hands.”

Due to Nokia’s partnership with the smash hit movie, The Dark Knight Rises, the first 200 customers will be able to buy limited edition Lumia 900 smartphones embossed with the Batman logo, with four MTN stores in Morningside (Johannesburg), Gateway (Durban), Canal Walk (Cape Town) and Port Elizabeth carrying this exclusive limited edition.

With the introduction of smartphones and enhancements in mobile networks, the way in which people converse with each other is rapidly changing. Customers need to be constantly connected, instantly gratified and always online and that is driving the smartphone insurgency.

Taukobong notes that “It is with the trend in mind that MTN is offering its customers the award winning Lumia 900 with specifically tailored MTN applications, services and solutions built for the Windows Phone platform, which ensures that MTN customers are able to gain full access to MTN’s value added services. Touted as one of the most innovative lifestyle mobile devices, the Lumia 900 is more than just a device. It is a smartphone, lifestyle mate and your digital office.”

Similar to the 4G version of the phone launched in the US earlier this year, the Lumia 900 for South Africa will offer super high-speed web browsing and content streaming using DC-HSPA technology, for download speeds of up to 42Mbps.

“Additionally, our quality data and world-class internet will give Lumia 900 customers unsurpassed access their online applications with a diverse range of local content,” continues Taukobong.

The second new Lumia to arrive on local shores is the Nokia Lumia 610, which provides a younger audience with the perfect introduction to the rich social, Web and entertainment experience of Windows Phone.

“The 610 is Nokia’s fourth and most affordable Lumia smartphone, and will help a new group of people experience the impressive social capabilities of the Windows Phone platform. We are building real momentum with Lumia in South Africa, and bringing the range to customers on MTN is another huge step forward for us,” says Gerard Brandjes, Vice-President for Nokia in South East Africa.

The Nokia Lumia 610 has a highly distinctive profile and finely beveled metallic edges, and comes in white, cyan, magenta and black. The Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 will be joined in MTN by the Nokia Lumia 710.

“At MTN we recognize that your mobile communication needs are changing and as a result are exploring new products and services to ensure that we can provide you with a steady stream of innovative phones that bring the mobile Internet to your very own pocket,” concludes Taukobong.

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  1. This is classic! Just this week Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8, and announced that existing Windows 7 phones like the Lumia 610, 710 and 900 will not be compatible with the new WP8 OS. Upgrades will not be possible at all. This means that existing Lumia phones are dead on arrival, yet now MTN have decided to launch them…

    • wrong! They'll still work and a windows phone 7.8 will be available for the older Lumia phones. It will have almost all the functionality of windows 8. The reason they cant take windows 8 is their hardware, just like an old iphone. u a apple biased fanboy by any chance….?

    • Mate, you've just proved me right. Windows phone 7.8 is not Windows Phone 8. Add to that the awkward fact that you've timed your comment on the same day that Nokia have literally cut the price of their Lumia 900 in half in the USA, from $99.00 to $49 (see link: ) and this actually makes your comments above a little bit embarrassing. This is really more of an indictment on MTN rather than Nokia. For what it's worth, I'm holding out for the Windows Phone 8 OS to replace my sh*tty Bold 9900, and I can't stand Apple products.

    • A number of experts have predicted that Nokia Lumia phones will be dead on arrival – actual sales figures 1.5 months later are proving this theory wrong.

    • That's very good news for MTN, however I'd imagine that if most people were aware that their phones weren't upgradable to WP8 they'd be less inclined to purchase WP7 -WP7.8 compatible phones. Perhaps ignorance is bliss. However Nokia's always had a good reputation in SA so I'd guess that's why these sales have been higher than expected – i.e consumers are choosing hardware as the selling point rather than software, which is possibly short-sighted.

      I'd personally prefer to wait for WP8 as I see Samsung and other partners have recently expressed their intentions to manufacture handsets for the platform. A WP8 phone together with a MS Surface Pro or similar tablet running Win8 would be a perfect for my business needs.

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