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Top Ten executive recruitment websites in Africa

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Finding a new vacancy can be a daunting task, especially with the world’s economy in a slump. In order to make the transition from one job to the other as smooth as possible, a number of executive job search websites have been established to help prospective employees search for the best placement.

Finding a new vacancy can be a daunting task, especially with the world’s economy in a slump. (image: stock.xchng)

Placement and job recruitment websites often span a number of industries and offer job placements for almost every level of employment – but a small selection of recruitment websites offer their services to executives looking to expand their portfolios.

1. Careers in Africa 

Operating for the last 10 years, Careers In Africa is an international recruitment consultancy that specialises in recruiting high-calibre, internationally-based candidates from Africa back into jobs within their home countries. The site is easily navigated, with relevant information instantly available to would-be employees. The industries covered by Careers In Africa span IT & Telecoms, Banking & Finance, Management Opportunities, Sales & Marketing, amongst others. The website has a modern look and feel and easy navigation panels makes finding the right information effortless.

2. Executives in Africa 

Executives in Africa is exactly what its name suggests – a vacancy portal for executives in Africa. “With an extensive international network, combined with the understanding of recruiting into local markets in Africa, we offer an unrivalled ability to deliver our clients’ needs for hiring C-level executives across the continent,” reads a statement on the website.  They cater for job placements in a number of areas including Telecommunications, FMCG, Financial Services and Oil & Gas, and have worked on mandates in Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Chad, DRC, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia.

3. Woodburn Mann Executive Search 

According to their website, “the majority of executives identified in an executive search are not actively seeking a new position, but are identified through the discreet research process as the most viable candidates for a particular managerial role.” Based in Johannesburg, South Africa and operational for the last 30 years, Woodburn Mann conducts executive search assignments for Main Board Non-Executive Chairman and Non-Executive Directors, executive search for remuneration levels above R900 000 per annum and short-term contract executives. Judging by the website’s design, it is clear that they are aiming for a professional business look, with standard designs and minimal fanfare.

4. CA Global Africa Recruitment

CA Global has Africa recruitment expertise in the majority of African countries. The company places executives in mining, oil and gas, banking, finance, telecoms, IT, engineering, construction, power and energy, to name a few. “With a presence on three continents, CA Global enjoys a truly international corporate footprint, ensuring rapid and efficient delivery throughout its key markets. Additionally, assisting Canadian Oil & Gas, Mining and Engineering and general firms with their extensive needs across the African continent, the Geneva team focuses on pro-actively sourcing quality staff for Africa’s Francophone countries,” they state in their website. With a clean design and easy functionality, the site drives the message home (although there are some spelling mistakes in the website’s text).

5. Search Specifics 

A clean and easy-to-navigate site awaits visitors to the “leading Black Owned executive search firm”, a site that offers users the opportunity to browse for vacancies and submit their CV for review. The 100% black female owned executive search firm describes their clients as high-performers who take a long-term view of their careers and their search practice is committed to maintaining a level of confidentiality, ethical behaviour and professionalism. Although they do not have a wide variety of jobs available at the moment, the website is very enjoyable.

6. Executives On The Web

Although Executives on the Web is based in the UK, they specialise in placing executives across the globe in a number of countries, which includes South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. When users enter the site and click on the South African icon at the bottom, the site will display all the current executive positions available in Africa – not just South Africa. Users will also be able to build and update their CV on the website, making it easier for prospective employers to gather the necessary information. The website’s design is a bit old-fashioned, but it gets straight to the point and browsing is easy.

7. CareerJet 

CareerJet is one of the most well-known job portals in South Africa, but its executive vacancy section is not updated as frequently as the rest of the site. Nevertheless, it covers a number of industries, mostly in South Africa. The website’s design is very minimalistic and almost boring, but it delivers the posts in an easy-to-read fashion.

8. Find a Job in Africa 

With a very basic view, the website allows prospective employees to browse for vacancies within a number of industries. Users will also be able to upload their CV to the website’s database, making it easier for employers to search for the right candidates. The site caters for most of Africa, although there might not be job postings in the selected African country.

9. DAV Professional Placement Group

With 37 years in the recruitment business, users may be forgiven for thinking the website’s design was last updated in 1982 – but DAV has all the functionality that an executive might need. Their Management & Executive Search Division places candidates in jobs ranging from middle management and executive positions to board level appointments, across many industry sectors. Despite its old design, the website reads easy and is frequently updated – with hundreds of positions available.

10. Tip Top Job 

Despite its name and unfortunate website design, the website caters to executives in almost every industry. In accordance with what has come to be standard practice, users will also be able to upload their CV as a well as browse for vacancies across the world. The website does have a dedicated section for South Africa, but the rest of Africa is covered within the main site. With 5 million page impressions, 2.5 million active candidates, and 400 000 jobs available at any given time, Tip Top Job is one of the most popular job sites around. Just a pity about the archaic design…

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor


  1. Glad to know that Africa is on the path of technical progress.This post shows exactly the advancement the continent has made in the duration of less than 5 year.With the power of internet reaching every nook and corner.Peaple have turned om to use the benefit of the technology to develop their economy by providing such executive recruitment websites which provide employment opportunities to the local people based on their qualifications.

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