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Nigerian anti-mobile theft solution unveiled

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Lagos-based technology firm TracknShield Limited has developed an anti-theft solution to tackle mobile phone theft in Nigeria.

TracknShield has developed an anti-theft solution to tackle mobile theft in Nigeria

According to TracknShield Limited Managing Director, Abu Grema, the application is easy-to-use and it will combat mobile phone theft and offers the possibility of recovering lost phones.

Grema said the application was developed to protect the growing number of mobile phone users in Nigeria.

Once installed users can track their phones via a text message. The software traces the phone itself, so even if the SIM card is removed, users can still track the phone or block the phone.

Segun Adekoye


  1. The phone operating system itself is an application though resident in the ROM so TracknShield provides a higher level of security for your DATA, IDENTITY, PRIVACY and increases your chances of recovering the phone where non existed before, consider that in some cases, the information on the phone is worth more than the price of the phone itself…

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