Lonestar Cell threatening Liberian telecoms service stability

Liberian cellular operator Lonestar Communications is allegedly responsible for taking the industry backwards, The Liberian Times reported yesterday.

Libyan mobile subscirbers concerned about their future telecom service. (image: itp.net)

Lonestar Cell’s actions could disrupt national security, daily communication and other communication channels if not halted sources revealed.

However, interconnection issues remain between Lonestar and their biggest rival Cellcom.

The dispute dates back to early August 2011 after Cellcom filed a complaint with the Liberian Telecoms Authority (LTA) saying Lonestar blocked their interconnection devices and equipment.

The LTA intervened aiming to ensure subscribers using the network remain connected.

Sources now say Lonestar Cell are allegedly using the same tactics at the expense of the public, despite the LTA’s regulatory requirements.

Subscribers are beginning to fear Lonestar Cell’s alleged threat could once again interrupt consumer calls to friends and family.

Subscribers from both cellular companies expressed frustration over the manner in which the on-again, off-again disruption of cellular lines was hampering consumers’ ability to communicate.

Segun Adekoye