Q&A: Africa’s INYE tablet bridges digital divide

October 27, 2011 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

The Encipher INYE tablet is a 7inch tablet device which runs Google Android 2.1 and allows users to access the Internet, watch movies and listen to music.

The INYE tablet is developed by the Encipher Group, based in Lagos, Nigeria. In May 2011, the Encipher Group launched INYE2 tablet.

ITNewsAfrica conducted an interview with Saheed Adepoju, Encipher CEO to get more information regarding Nigeria’s own tablet device.

Saheed Adepoju, Encipher CEO (image source: Encipher)

1. Why did you establish Encipher Group and how did you raise the funding?

We created Encipher originally as a company that builds web applications and works with companies as project managers. The revolution of tablets in 2010 made us to shift our focus to products and services.The company’s initial funding was sought from friends and family.

2. What is the INYE tablet, when was it first released and who is your target market?

The Inye tablet is a mobile Internet device which allows a user to consume audio or visual services which include books, music, movies and web contents.
Our target market are people who would require a device with the above definition, however with the evolution of the tablet business, we believe the vertical market space would also enjoy a lot of attention within 6-8months time with lots of devices targeted towards specific needs such as Health, Education etc. I believe we would also play in this space.

3. What operating system does the INYE tablet use?

The Inye tablet uses the Android OS. Inye-1 employs Android 2.1 and Inye-2 employs Android 2.2 upgradeable to Android 2.3.

4. What are some of the core features of the INYE tablet?

The INYE tablet runs Google’s flagship Android OS, allows a user to use SD cards and provides USB supports for USB devices. HDMI outputs are available on the INYE-1.


5. How many INYE tablets have been sold so far and what is the price?

We have sold close to 100 devices and the price for the INYE-1 is $160 currently. INYE-2 will retail for about $300 and will come with a data plan.

6.Which global technology companies are supportive of the INYE tablet?

Google Nigeria has been very supportive as they provided a platform for our launch of INYE-2 in May 2011. This is exciting as Google develops and maintains the operating system INYE uses.

WIRED UK magazine featured us along other technology entrepreneurs in Africa, in their August 2011 edition of their magazine.

7. Is the tablet market growing?

The African tablet market is growing steadily partly due to the explosion of mobile technology within Africa. More and more people are getting online from mobile devices and with the lack of last mile connections across Africa for the internet, we strongly believe the tablet market will cause a surge in the number of people accessing the internet from a mobile device. We strongly believe we are positioned for such an explosion.

8. Do you have your own application (app) developers and an app store?

We have application developers within Encipher who build applications for clients who require tailored solutions. We also have solutions partners who are responsible for building mobile(android) solutions for their own clients and we provide hardware for such solutions.

9. Is the Inye tablet store only based in Nigeria? Do you have an online store?

Inye is currently based in Nigeria at the moment. Once we master our supply chain logistics, it should be easy to replicate in other African countries. We plan on having an online store very soon to cater for both local and international interests.

10.  What inspired you to become a technology Entrepreneur?

I wanted to do something radically different. I believed that all the stories of companies starting up outside Africa was equally possible to set up here. I followed all steps, learnt the ropes and executed a strategy.

11. Which African Technology Leader inspires you?

Technology in Africa is still growing and there are great leaders amongst us, however at this time, I draw inspiration from non-African technology leaders.

12. How are you helping young Africans tap into technology opportunities?

By letting them know of strategies on how to start, build, maintain a business. I also try to provide ideas on how to monetize these ideas.

Bontle Moeng – ITNewsAfrica Online Editor



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  1. The greatest news ever to come of Nigeria in years, big up guys and I'm proud to be an African because of you.All QAfricans shld have the iNye Tablet.

  2. this is a great innovation coming out of nigeria, cant wait to get mine.

  3. Alagbe Sayo says:

    Encipher, I dey over proud of you na. This is dream come true for some of us who really wants to see Nigerians produce and not just consume. One day, I believe, we will have a stage in global technology issues and I hope to be a part of it.

  4. now this is cheering news. such 'high' technology coming out of 9ja!

  5. Arthur Azuka says:

    Awesome! Gradually we are getting there!

  6. Viva Africa Viva..

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