West African board game gets an app

A traditional West African board game has made its way on to the Android market place in the form of an interactive app. Ayo, which features a number of bowls and seeds, has been developed by Taytronik and will greatly appeal to West African countries where mobile use is on the rise.

A screenshot of the Ayo board game for Android (image: Taytronik)

“Our game truly turns your device into an Ayo game board; we have made it very interactive to give users a realistic feel to the game,” Taytronik wrote on the app’s website.

“It was launched last month and we believe this is the best software implementation of this game,” added Taytronik’s Tope Akinsipe.

Although the app launched last month, a free version will be available on the Android market on Friday.

The game can be playing in either single-player, or multi-player. “Ayo comes with both one player and two player modes. Playing one player mode will provide good practice, while two player mode comes with rotated dashboards so that two people can comfortably sit on opposite sides of your Android device,” the website added.

The game can be downloaded from here.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor