Gearbox will make more Duke games

Although Gearbox Software’s Duke Nukem Forever didn’t do too well at the box office and with critics, CEO Randy Pitchford has confirmed that Gearbox is indeed working on another Duke Nukem title.

Gearbox Software will be making more Duke Nukem games (image: Gearbox)

“And then soon… I know that you guys figured out that, when Gearbox acquired the franchise, we didn’t do it just to make sure we could all play Duke Nukem Forever, but because we wanted to make our own Duke game. Soon, we’ll talk about that, but not today,” he said, announcing that Gearbox has picked up the Duke Nukem brand.

But throughout the mixed critic’s reviews, Pitchford said that he was proud of Duke Nukem Forever. “I hope some people kind of enjoyed it. When I dug through all the stuff that [the original development studio] 3D Realms had done, I expected a trainwreck and I was actually quite pleased.”

“I had a lot of fun with it. It was fun for me, and I’m really glad that we not only rescued the franchise but took the time to make sure the world could see what those guys had been doing for all of those years. And I’m also proud of the things we added to it. I think we did some things to make it a little better.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor