Thuraya says Libya jamming service

UAE-based Thuraya Telecommunications said on February 25 that it had “conclusive evidence” that the Libyan government, one of its shareholders, was the source of what it called an “unlawful and intentional jamming” of its signals in Libya over the past week as violence continues to take hold in the country.

The company said in a press statement that it is not the first time Libya has jammed its signal. It continued to say that technicians are working to “reduce the impact of the jamming” and that, as of February 25, voice services had been restored to some of the country.

The Thuraya-2 satellite’s network remains operational, but is not completely accessible in Libya as a result of the government’s jamming.

This comes as news network Al Jazeera also reported that Libya was jamming their signal into the country. The network also said that the source of the jamming was a Libyan intelligence service facility south of the capital Tripoli.

By Jonathan Terry