Algerie Telecom to roll out fiber-optics in Tebessa

February 2, 2011 • Top Stories

Algeria’s Algerie Telecom plans to develop 228 kilometers of fiber-optic cables near Tebessa, a report said. According to el-Mujahid online, Algerie Telecom (AT) has announced plans to expand its already growing network of fiber-optics.

The company said that by adding around 228km of new cable to its existing infrastructure in the Wilaya (province) of Tebessa, located in the far North East of the country, 20km from the Tunisian border.

The new cables will be deployed as follows: 90km between Tebessa and Ouenza, 78km between Cheria and Bir El Ater, 30km between Cheria and Hammamet and 30km between Ouenza and El Aouinet.

It is anticipated that following the project’s completion, the total length of fiber-optics in Tebessa will reach 446km.
This would mean that around 50 percent of homes in Tebessa would have access to fiber-optics. Although the operator’s main focus is the replacement of its legacy infrastructure, AT pointed out that it hopes to significantly improve broadband connectivity in the region. Despite the proximity to Tunisia, no plans for cross-border connectivity have been mooted thus far.

By Jonathan Terry



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  1. Algeria has an extensive network of fiber optic cables that has been built for many years from now. It is encouraging news to hear again they continue building it.

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