Top 10 BlackBerry Bold 9700 applications

Free Blackberry applications from BlackBerry App World can be downloaded and enjoyed on the new smartphone BlackBerry Bold 9700, from games to keeping up to date on Twitter, checking weather updates or adjust travel arrangements and even have your emails recited loud while driving.

Research In Motion's BlackBerry Bold 9700 (image: RIM)

Drive is a safe application especially designed for those times behind the wheel. The application reads text messages and emails out loud to eliminate accessing your email while driving and ensure connectivity on the move.

WorldMate Live turns the Blackberry Bold 9700 smartphone in a personal travel assistant, giving instant access to trip details like time, weather, itineraries etc that sync between the smartphone, WorldMate Live website and Outlook calendar.

MileageTracker Pro tracks trip details such as purpose, destination, date of trip and syncs the information with the MileageTracker Pro website to create reports for accounting and tax purposes.

BeWeather is BlackBerry’s weather application for its smartphones, presenting accurate info on current weather conditions, a five day forecast, pressure, humidity, temperatures, precipitations probability and so on.

BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 is one of the most popular features on BlackBerry smartphones. The instant messaging device connects BlackBerry users anywhere, anytime for instant chatting, sending and receiving photos and sharing information.

Viigo enables one click access to instant information of your choice, without having to use browsers. The information requested is delivered promptly, from anything like news, weather, shopping, movies, markets etc to live sport scores and flight schedules.

UberTwitter supports all Twitter features, such as photo integration, embedded videos in tweets, tweet shrinking and URL shortening.

Dictionary and Thesaurus is a reference content from and with more than 500.000 words, definitions and synonyms. The tool also features audio and phonetic pronunciation and spelling suggestions.

Ka-Glom is a free puzzle game with some 100 levels, offering a twist to the traditional falling blocks games.

BeBuzz Free allows BlackBerry users to customize the LED colour on your their smartphones and create repeating audible reminders for incoming and missed calls.

All application range for BlackBerry Bold 9700 can be accessed at BlackBerry App World.

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  1. I have problems when I try to download blackberry app cause my country not on avaibility list. Would you like to let me know why and when it will be availible please? Saudi Arabia?

  2. Your country, like most Islamic countries, blocks anything fun or free. Can’t even use Skype in Dubai which was no fun.

  3. The blocking from blackberry not the country it blocks 10s other countries, so do you have another answer?

  4. I recently purchased bb bold 9700 from kuala lumpur Malaysia, it does not have bb app Icon inside it and when I download it says ur phone does not support this, my frnd having bb 8520 has this feature and he is using it. help plz

  5. Can they make the Blackberry App available in Kenya? I’d love to join and get some of the applications they have.

  6. The reply regarding GCC countries was quite a poor one, and quite unexpected, I don’t expect discrimination in a marketing related answer, it would be more proper if you could reply with some more logical and reasonable answer which provides a solution for BB users in Gulf region.

  7. I’m having the same challenge. I guess RIM should send a patch to this effect and make it available for those of us who want it.

  8. Does anyone out there who uses BB 9700 have a shortcut to this? If other BB models can download the apps, then I guess it’s a design fault. RIM kindly react and do something fast before I junk this expensive box!

  9. BIS services is available in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, as soon i got this service TURN ON by my mobile service provider, My BB application icon automatically got downloaded, also Maps Icon and BB Messenger Icon, To Use BB applications, messengers, Gps, Your BIS, Black berry Internet Services Should be Turned On always.
    if any one has any questions regarding BB 9700, can email me also at

  10. hey JR.. islamic countries didn’t block anything as you think.. by the way I was christian but now I finally changed to the right.. don’t think like animals.. be open minded and take a tour inside yoursilf and inside your religion u’ll fine how much you both are weak..

  11. I live in South Africa & although blackberry app is on my phone I can’t download any content cos apparently its not available in this country.The phone is but the app isn’t.What a rippoff!!!

  12. I can’t download apps to my BlackBerry because my country Nigeria is not compatible. Pls I nid help!its driving me crazy!

  13. For all those who are trying to download World app it’s simple, u just have to turn on ur wifi and download it from the bb website using wifi not ur sim service. Jr with all respect ur comment shows how uneducated and shallow you are. It’s not only in “islamic” countries where World app is blocked. So back to the main thing. Use wifi to download it and enjoy guys! 🙂

  14. Hi.. I am using blackberry bold 9700. My headache is that everytime I want to connect and download something using WLAN, the phone always selects home operator. Even when I had set the SIM preferences as WLAN and/or WLAN Only, still it asks for a confirmation to use airtime.
    Is the anyone here who can assist me. I really appreciate your effort and time. Mwahh

  15. JR says:
    June 20, 2010 at 12:48 amYour country, like most Islamic countries, blocks anything fun or free. Can’t even use Skype in Dubai which was no fun.

    I wouldnt word it like that. But I did hear that alot of the Middle East/Asia block alot of applications because of security reasons (terrorism etc..)

  16. Well done to jr. How good, he know’s how to insult arab or islamic countries. Well we arab christians don’t insult our brothers this way. However to the main topic, I have a bb 9700 bold and it seems like nothing works! Not any apps or even bb msngr, I want HELP pls I’m going crazy.

  17. hi,

    i purchased black berry 9700 bold i am not able to use yahoo messenger in it ? can any one know the answer.


  18. Hi,

    The flash light on the back of my phone (blackberry 9700) has turned on a month ago and i can not switch it off. I’ve even tried to update my phone but no results. Even when the phone is switched off the lamp is on. Can someone help me?

  19. Well I have a bold 9700 and bb app world is not working 🙁 can anyone help me ? Or even give me a name of a website where I can download apps?

  20. Ho ho ho ho. I’m related to santi clause! I. Don’t bring presents but I bring only gud news! Gud news I tell ya! those of u livin in da uae! Listen up. U don’t need bb app world to download them! Go to blackberry Or brothersoft mobile. Trust me u will hav satisfaction. U no y? Cuz I live in da uae too!hehe enjoy folks cuz I will bring more gud news next christmas. Hohoho! And a merry,funky, christmas lol!

  21. I have purchased a BB 9700 and I also have the same problem where I cannot download anything from the BB app world. I have a solution that works though. Plug your bb into your comp and bring up the BB software that came with it. Go to webpage:
    you can download directly onto your blackberry via the computer.
    Annoying I know to have to plug it into your computer to download an app but the only successful way I have found to download apps via appworld….

  22. Just bought myself a new bb bold 9700 but I also had the same problem where I cannot download anything from the BB app world. Downloading using yo computer definately works.

  23. Hi, Just got myself the bb bold II, can’t download anything on app world.

    Are you able to download skyp for bb????

    That is something i would like to do.

  24. i bought a newblackberry bold 9700 and i cant browse with it, there is no fun of bb without the blackberry messenger. i have tried with various network in my country and they say my rim is suspended what do i do? i need help ?

  25. i cannot connect to facebook but i used it 3months ago i type BB DAY to 2207?please help

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