Google launches mobile shopping application for Android

Google’s Android platform now has an extra mobile application, Google Shopper, which does more than basic searching.

The Shopper looks out for products and services in different ways, such as searching by voice, analyzing taken pictures of cover art or even scanning bar codes. It also performs price comparisons.

Google’s application will compete with ShopSavvy and Amazon, according to, which cites the Android-fan website AndroidAndMe.

For now Google will make the application available to all Android handsets, however it might extend it to other mobile platforms in the future.


  1. Pretty interesting application. It seems like it works better than some of the ones that Apple offers. This one seems like it does more than just scan the bar code.

  2. There is a company called xXess in the Netherlands (Europe) that provides a Mobile Shopping and Buying platform for Android, iPhone, Symbian and RIM.
    It scans adverts (online and offline), you get the offer on your phone, and using your pincode you can transfer money (facilitated by th ING bank). The order is sent to a fulfilment house and delivered to your home.

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