SA’s presidential hotline ready in September


jacob_zuma.jpgJohannesburg (IT News Africa) — SOUTH Africa President Jacob Zuma has reiterated his promise made during the election campaign and in the State of the Nation address to establish a Presidential Hotline and a public liaison service in the Presidency to enable members of the public to raise their concerns directly with him.

The State Information Technology Agency (SITA) will have the call centre up and running by 1 September with posts for public liaison and call centre staff having been advertised in the media last week.

“The Government Communications Information System (GCIS), working with the Presidency, has established a national Public Liaison Forum as directed in the State of the Nation Address. The forum comprises staff from all 34 national government departments and the nine offices of Premiers, and will
ensure that all public enquiries are attended to expeditiously,” Zuma said while addressing the National Press Club in Tshwane.

He said this was part of the President’s plan for an interactive government. It has been maintained that because of the absence of a direct link between members of the public and the highest office in South Africa, service delivery had been slow.

Zuma, elected earlier this year, faces a formidable task of fighting corruption and improving service delivery.

By Mpendulo Ngwenya


  1. It sounds like a great idea coming from the precidency in 15 years, yes i must say well done and keep the good work. But this can only be effective if the people employed at the call centre are as friendly as possible and they shound have patience and good listening skills. There are issues happening in my area and i cant wait for Sep to raise these issues relatin to service delivery and i expect responce from the high office. Thanx

  2. Excellent idea. Lets hope and pray things will now improve. I need the e-mail address to the hotline, as I have a complaint which has documents to be attached.

    If someone can get back to me.

    Thank you.

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