SAFARICOM launches Kenya’s first mobile internet portal


Safaricom_CEO2.jpgSAFARICOM has launched Kenya’s first mobile internet portal, a service that will enable Safaricom subscribers get fast access to both local and international content on their mobile phones.

Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph commented, “This new service shows that we are continuously improving the internet experience for our subscribers, Safaricom is the first provider to come up with a well-packaged information, communications and entertainment service for our subscribers”.

“Besides having the fastest speeds of any provider, we now bring the added advantage of easy access to great internet content, on the go. We have deliberately packaged the internet so that our customers can have easy access to the internet content they desire.” he added.

He also noted that Safaricom’s nationwide 3G network would give the service the widest national reach, versatility and reliability while its price, which is KES8 per megabyte, would make it affordable.

The content that can be accessed through the portal includes news, local TV programmes, music (audio and video), games, comedies and local sports action. Through the portal, which presents a unified and easy way for accessing the internet, Safaricom has also put together popular internet sites and content in one place. These include Facebook, Google Search, E-mail (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc), English Premier League, directory and stock-trading services, among others.

Brian Adero


  1. For sure safaricom is doing a good work especially in IT in kenya ,what we are urging michael is that can reduce charges of browsing internet otherwise bravo safaricom. Leonard kericho.

  2. This is really interesting news. I wonder if Safaricom will offer monthly or price capped plans for the data too.
    We just need to see cheaper 3G phones flood the African market now.
    This would be a much cheaper, and more ubiquitous solution than the one computer per child and the $100 laptop initiative.

  3. Just wished they could reduce the rates on the data bundles too for post-paid users using the modems and the routers, otherwise marvelous job Mike!

  4. Indeed safaricom is doing the best for the customers. Launching innovative trends always in the market , we are greatful as we enjoy them….

  5. Yap! It’s great now we can surf at very considerable rates (buddles). Long live Safaricom, you are the MOTHER of all service providers.

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