creates Facebook group

1671 has created a page on the popular social networking site, Facebook, as an additional channel where readers can interact with our editorial staff, and each other.

The main purpose of the Facebook page is to create a forum for readers of where relevant ICT related topics can be discussed, and where suggestions can be made with regards to content and functionality of the site.

This forms part of our broader goal of constant improvement of the site, and ensuring that our content is relevant for our audience throughout the African continent.

Readers are encouraged to visit the Facebook group page and leave their comments and suggestions, as well as have the opportunity to meet other people from the continent with similar interests in the world of ICT.

The Facebook group can be found HERE.


  1. Wow! That’s a big leap I’d say. As more and more people get attracted to the Facebook success, it only seems reasonable for a web-based “” to want to seize the opportuinity.

    I’d advise that the management should take a good look at the downside to quantify their market-size, viewership, web-traffic, etc and stretch the use of their Facebook experience a bit further than just getting “Feedz”. It’s important that people learn about the unique services that you offer, beyond the comments and ‘help to serve you better’ talks. I wish you success all the same. Cheers.

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