Letlhaka delivers “plug-and-play” flexibility for PON

Letlhaka Technologies, a technology distributor of Last Mile Access solutions, IPTV, Video on Demand solutions, IP & Fibre Security solutions and Fibre Optic Cable, has announced the industry’s only modular ONT for business and backhaul applications.

“Business subscribers demand a wide variety in the services they need, ranging from many T1s for wireless backhaul to mixed TDM and Ethernet for small businesses to gigabit Ethernet for data centers and ISPs. Alloptic makes delivering those services much easier for network operators,” said Lloyd Wood, Letlhaka Technologies sales manager.

“Using our new Xgen9000 ONT, carriers have the ease and flexibility to deploy a common ONT and then choose the services their subscribers need, thanks to pluggable interface cards. Our customers have found that the service demands at end-user locations often change. By providing flexibility in configuring the ONT, our customers are able to cost-effectively respond more quickly to capture a greater share of revenue.”

The Alloptic Xgen9000 unit offers four expansion ports to deliver up to 20 T1/E1 circuits and 24 voice lines along with 17 Ethernet ports and RF video control. All modules are hot-swappable, and redundant optical network ports are available for high-availability SLA requirements.