Kenya warns telecom operators


Kenya has warned telecommunication operators against poor services to their consumers, minister for Information and Communication said yesterday.

Media reports from Nairobi say Mr Samuel Poghisio, was peaking during the launch of the consumer education programme by Communication Commission of Kenya.

Poghisio said, as the telecommunication industry expands, more users are exposed to fraud and poor services thus the need for operators to improve the quality of services.
According to Daily Nation, the consumer education programme dubbed chukua hatua (take action), will create awareness on better and safe usage of various communication services to enable clients know their rights and responsibilities.

The campaign is a culmination of the outcome of a consumer satisfaction and perception survey carried out in 2007 that recommended the development of the outreach programme.
“With increased uptake of communication services by Kenyans, it is important that consumers are protected from exploitation through teaching them on the available services and products,” he said.
Mr Poghisio said the entry of more players in the telecommunication market is not only expected to generate stiff competition among service providers, but also offer increased consumer choice.
“The vast growth in technology comes along with a large number of users who have little or no knowledge on how to utilise it.
“They have to be protected from exploitation that stems from their ignorance. The worst hit is the mobile telephony that is spread in most parts of the country,” he said.