São Tomé: Government to invest $15m in undersea cable

An accord signed between the government of São Tomé and Portugal Telecom will allow the former’s telecommunications company to partake in the West African Festoon System (WAFS).

A statement issued by the Prime Minister Rafael Branco said the island country will connect to the WAFS project through a ground station in the Gabonese capital Libreville, and the SAT3 submarine cable.

São Tomé officials said the undersea link will enable the country to enjoy improved international communications links as well as ensure better quality transmission of voice, data and images.

The undersea cable project is estimated to cost Sao Tome telecoms US $15 million. Of this amount, some US$ 2.4 million will be bankrolled by the firm and the remaining balance by its partner, Portugal telecom which holds 51% of São Tomé telecoms stake.

Source: Afrol