Panda Software is now Panda Security

Panda Software is now Panda Security. This change of brand reflects many other major changes taking place in Panda, both technologically and in terms of organization.
Panda has taken a step forward. Just as it is a pioneer in preventive technologies with TruPreventTM, it is now tackling the new malware situation with a new security model in the shape of a new generation of security solutions characterized by ultra-high detection capacity.

A new brand for a new Panda

The change to Panda Security implies a profound change at all levels. For example, we have taken a great step forward with the PandaLabs laboratory, incorporating automated processes that allow it to deal with much more new malware.

Moreover, the Investindustrial and Gala Capital investment funds have recently entered Panda’s share capital with the aim of jointly driving a major international expansion project, consolidating the leading position of Panda in the IT security market and accelerating the development of new technologies.

At an organizational level, Jorge Dinares has also joined the Panda Group -present in more than 50 countries- as CEO.
This is an important step for us, as it is more than just a brand change. We are working to adapt the entire company to new market demands. The aim is no less than to offer users the best products and services to keep their IT systems truly free from all types of malware,” explains Jorge Dinares.
The new Panda Security brand better reflects the essence of the company, what it does and its vision of the future, and is founded on a corporate identity based on the principal traits that define the
personality of the company:

– Prevention, innovation
– Excellence and effectiveness of products and services.
– Committed to service