Monday, July 22, 2024
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Multimatics Announces Business Phone Bill Reductions

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The new release of Multimatics’ Xtel system features significantly improved speed of report generation and processing, a private and business number predictor and generally enhanced versatility.

The new Xtel release continues to be supported by Multimatics’ Telesentry service, which allows clients to fully outsource the management of their PABX management at a cost lower than in-house management. Clients are now offered a five minute turn around time on report generation and a choice of 4 hour or 24 hour service level agreements, supported by the services of a professional key accounts manager and a money back guarantee that savings will exceed the cost of the solution.

Xtel automatically tags numbers that meet the criteria for assumed business use, says Steven Brown, Multimatics Managing Director.

The frequency and duration to telephone numbers is measured, in conjunction with call patterns, to determine if a call is for business or private. This enhances the business’ ability to proactively manage staff call patterns, and as a result, keep a grip on costs and productivity.

Through Xtel and Telesentry, Multimatics delivers a full site summary and analysis to clients that offer a complete breakdown of the last 13 months of calls, including business and private calls. Unanswered calls and ring time information are also reported on, but now include a summary on whether the organisation’s ring times are too high adds Brown.

Another key feature of the system is the inclusion of industry data, which allows clients to measure their performance against industry norms.

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