Nigeria Launches Africa’s First Communication Satellite

Nigeria made history as it launched the first communication satellite in Africa. The launch of the Nigerian Communication Satellite-1 involved the transportation of the spacecraft from ground into the geo-stationary orbit which is about 35,200 km away from earth.

The entire launch activity involved the integration of the spacecraft rocket and firing of the launcher into space to transport the spacecraft into the entire orbit.

The director-general, National Space Research and Development Agency, Prof Robert Boroffice, said the satellite will bring the digital divide by providing a platform for small and medium scale ICT service providers to partake in the global 1.2 trillion dollar business environment. He said the federal government was looking beyond the current satellite to have at least 10 of such missions in space by the year 2022.

The satellite is the super hybrid geo-stationary facility designed to operate in phase KU, KA and L bands and wholly owned by Nigeria. It has Africa, part of Middle East and southern Europe as its footprint and will meet most information and communication technology needs of Africa.


  1. I rejoice with my country as it launches the first communication satellite in the whole of Africa. I believe it’s going to have a multiplier effect on the growth of ICT and other important areas of life in Africa as a whole. I am indeed proud of my country. God bless Nigeria.

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