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ISPA’s Effective Mediation Process and Trust

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Vusi Melane
Vusi Melane
Staff Writer

Around 90% of disputes filed with ISPA- Internet Service Providers’ Association by South African internet consumers find resolution through the informal mediation process facilitated by the internet industry association. This stands as one of the most compelling reasons to consider joining the 235-member Industry Representative Body- IRB.

Cost free process

The ISPA Code of Conduct sets a high standard for its members. Nevertheless, in cases where issues arise, ISPA members can take solace in the fact that a cost-free process is available to assist in escalating unresolved consumer-related challenges, such as billing disputes and contractual issues.

Chairperson for ISPA, Sasha Booth-Beharilal, says “Less than 5% of consumer disputes lodged with ISPA go to formal adjudication. The overwhelming majority are resolved informally through the sterling efforts of the ISPA Secretariat which works hard to achieve win-win outcomes for consumers and ISPA members.”

“Effective dispute resolution that costs the parties nothing is exceptionally rare and the ISPA mediation process is highly-valued by long-standing ISPA members,” adds Booth-Beharilal

ISPA doing most to level the ICT sector

The IRB that has possibly done the most to level the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) playing fields in South Africa:

As the sole industry body acknowledged by the government under the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, ISPA ensures its members continue to benefit from limitations on liability concerning hosted content and third-party traffic carried on their networks. ISPA’s effective take-down notice procedure and enforceable Code of Conduct contribute significantly to maintaining its status as an Industry Representative Body- IRB.

Additionally, ISPA members have the opportunity to network and remain informed about the latest industry advancements at iWeek, the most eagerly anticipated internet industry event in South Africa. For over 20 years, iWeek has served as a platform addressing the diverse needs of the local internet community.

For ISPs seeking to advocate for a fair legislative framework, there is strength and legal backing in collective action. ISPA’s regulatory team diligently monitors the country’s legal and regulatory landscape, ensuring members are informed about their rights and responsibilities.

Symbol of trust

The ISPA logo is increasingly gaining recognition as a symbol of trust. For consumers, it instills confidence as a symbol they can rely on to uphold their rights.

“An ISPA logo displayed on the website of an ISPA member engaged in the business of the internet is a good indication that there are remedies for the consumer when things go wrong. For the ISPA member, the logo reminds them that they are part of an effective support network.” Booth-Beharilal concludes

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