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Revolutionized data management with advanced cloud solution

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Vusi Melane
Vusi Melane
Staff Writer

Metrofile, the premier provider of document management and digital solutions in East Africa has unveiled its latest cloud services. This momentous occasion signifies a significant stride in the company’s commitment to delivering unmatched data security, accessibility, and adherence to regulatory standards.

J Mburu
Jackline Mburu

The Metrofile cloud services are tailored to meet the evolving requirements of Kenyan businesses, effectively tackling the challenges posed by increasing data volumes, security threats, and the growing need for compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Managing Director for Metrofile in East Africa, Jackline Mburu says “Our cloud services are not just about storage; they’re about empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era with complete peace of mind regarding their data’s safety and accessibility.”

A Leap Forward in Data Management, Local currency pricing

With daily backups exceeding 1.3TB of business data and advanced protection against over a million threats per month, Metrofile’s cloud services are reshaping the standards of data management in the region. The infrastructure ensures consistent uptime, enabling businesses to operate without interruption and delivering reliability when it’s most crucial.

The private cloud offering is priced in the local currency to shield against exchange rate fluctuations and provide predictable, fixed operational costs. A local data center further bolsters this, ensuring compliance, speed, and performance. Additionally, 24/7 expert support ensures proactive server management and security. The data center also establishes a robust foundation for fostering growth and innovation.

Managing Director for Metrofile Cloud, Steve Porter says “Our commitment extends beyond technology; we aim to create a partnership that supports our customers with flexible payment options and dedicated local support.”

Self-Service Portal

Their service revolves around a user-friendly Self-Service Portal designed to empower customers and resellers, simplifying cloud service management with efficiency. This portal enables autonomous access, management, and monitoring, providing control and accessibility tailored to modern business needs.

Investing in Kenya’s Digital Future

Metrofile’s launch of cloud services is supported by a substantial investment in the country’s digital infrastructure. This initiative reaffirms the company’s dedication to leveraging the trust and backing of both the Kenyan populace and businesses.

“As we embark on this digital journey, we are excited to drive the shift towards a paper light, efficient, and secure business environment.” Adds Porter

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