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Exclusive: CEO Harry Scherzer on Future Forex’s Breakthrough

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Future Forex, a South African fintech specializing in international money transfers and currency exchange for businesses and consumers, has unveiled its latest innovation—a brand-new online platform aimed at revolutionizing the forex experience.

The state-of-the-art platform boasts a sleek and user-friendly interface, empowering clients to effortlessly manage their accounts. Whether businesses or individuals are sending money into or out of South Africa, they can easily access live rates, book transactions, add or withdraw funds, manage recipients, and more.

CEO Harry Scherzer, Future Forex
CEO Harry Scherzer, Future Forex

In this exclusive interview with CEO Harry Scherzer, of Future Forex, we gain insights into how this cutting-edge platform is transforming the South African fintech landscape, simplifying the forex process like never before.

Harry heads up Future Forex’s business development and strategic oversight, while also taking a hands-on approach to building close relationships with clients and partners.

1. What inspired the development of Future Forex’s new online platform, and what unique features does it offer compared to other platforms in the market?

A: Drawing inspiration from world-leading fintech’s such as Revolut and Wise, the primary objective of our online platform is to further enhance the international payments space in South Africa. Our mission has been to create a user experience that adheres to the latest modern design rules and results in an extremely sleek and user-friendly platform. This is in stark contrast to most banking forex platforms, which are typically highly outdated and require a certain level of expertise. Our platform, on the other hand, provides clients with unparalleled ease of account management and ensures that the entire international money transfer process is simpler, faster, and more efficient.

2. How does the platform aim to simplify the process of international money transfers and currency exchange for both businesses and consumers?

A: With just a few clicks, both businesses and individuals can access live rates, easily book transactions, manage recipients, upload the necessary supporting documents and monitor the progress of their deals when sending money in and out of South Africa. While easily accessible via all major browsers on both mobile or desktop devices, our platform streamlines the entire money transfer process, making it faster and more convenient to send funds into and out of the country than ever before.

3. Can you elaborate on the role of the dedicated Account Manager feature and how it enhances the overall user experience?

A: Alongside our platform’s tech-driven capabilities which enable our clients to manage their deals independently, we also ensure our clients have access to white glove personalized support in the form of a dedicated Account Manager, an expert with deep knowledge of the international money transfer space. Should our clients need assistance with their supporting or compliance documentation, their Account Manager is just a phone call, email or WhatsApp away. Similarly, if there are any issues that arise when it comes to processing a transaction, our Account Managers will solve it, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients in doing so.

4. What measures have been taken to ensure transparency and security within the platform, particularly regarding financial transactions?

A: We believe in complete transparency at Future Forex, which is why we disclose all fees upfront. This includes providing clear information about the exact spread fee applied to each transaction, giving our clients peace of mind that there are no hidden costs involved. The safety of our clients’ funds is a top priority for us, and we also meticulously verify all external withdrawal accounts to safeguard against unauthorized transactions.

5. How does Future Forex plan to support clients who may encounter technical difficulties or have inquiries while using the platform?

A: Upon logging in to their account, clients will have direct access to their Account Manager’s contact details via the home page. Our team is readily available to provide hands-on assistance at each step of the process and our Account Managers are committed to ensuring that our clients are never left in the dark. We also have expert Product and Development teams who are constantly refining the platform based on user feedback, ensuring that we continue to enhance our client experience.

6. How does the platform enable seamless transactions and user interactions?

A: Upon logging in to the platform, both businesses and individuals can swiftly navigate to the send/receive funds tab to book a transaction. Clients can input an amount in the currency of their choice, whilst having access to a live updating exchange rate. Our platform also allows clients to easily monitor their transactions in progress, view their transaction history and download their statements.

7. What future developments or enhancements can clients expect to see with Future Forex’s online platform?

A: At Future Forex, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We are constantly exploring ways to enhance our platform, including additional features, such as market analysis tools, authorization rules and market/limit orders, along with continuous improvements to the user interface. All of these are geared towards further streamlining international money transfers for South African businesses and individuals.

8. Finally, how does this platform align with Future Forex’s long-term vision and commitment to innovation in the international payment industry?

A: We are passionate about our long-term vision and dedication to innovation within the international money transfer space. By leveraging cutting-edge technology alongside personalized support, Future Forex is not only meeting but also anticipating the evolving needs of our clients. This positions us as a leader in a competitive fintech landscape, and we are committed to transforming the forex industry in South Africa, ensuring that businesses and individuals save time and money with each transfer.

“At Future Forex, our commitment has always been to provide an international payment experience that’s innovative, automated and fully transparent,” our new platform is the fullest realization of that vision to date.”

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