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5 Surprising Tech Skills Your Pet has Mastered

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Vusi Melane
Vusi Melane
Staff Writer

Technology Specialist for Geonode, Josh Gordon says “Technology is so deeply embedded in our daily routines that it often becomes invisible – except to those who observe us with a fresh perspective.”

Our pets perceive us differently than we perceive ourselves. They pay no mind to social status or job titles; instead, they scrutinize our habits with intense focus. You might be amazed by how much they discern about the gadgets and technology we assume only govern our human world.

Gordon shares the 5 skills:

  • Understanding Smart Television

Pets have been captivated by TV screens since the dawn of television. However, with the introduction of higher resolution screens, pets, especially dogs and cats, can now perceive televisions as we do. This understanding enables many pets to react to animals or movements displayed on TV.

  • Navigating Apps

Pet owners frequently delight in watching their pets engage with tablets or smartphones. Apps created for pets, such as games featuring moving fish or squeaky toys, enthrall our furry friends, aiding them in understanding cause-and-effect relationships on the screen. A case study even demonstrated that dogs were trained to use touchscreens installed in homes to alert to emergencies.

  • Responding to Video Calls

Numerous pet owners have witnessed the emotional reaction sparked by video calls. Animals can detect their owner’s presence and likeness on the screen, demonstrating a clear awareness of video call technology.

Gordon adds “Pets respond to video calls in various ways – some exhibit excitement, others display confusion. But these reactions suggest a fundamental understanding that there is a person on the other side of that screen.”

  • Comprehending Smart Home Devices

Contemporary homes are equipped with a range of smart devices, and pets not only recognize them but also react to them in significant ways. For example, a blog highlights clever dogs learning to operate smart ring video doorbells, while others associate the sounds of smart refrigerators or pet feeders dispensing food with the anticipation of mealtime.

  • Voice Assistants

Our pets don’t just hear our voices anymore, but also interact with Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. While pets may not fully comprehend the mechanism of voice assistants, they recognize these voices and their implications. Some pets will cock their heads at the sound of a voice assistant, or even gaze in wonder as a connected device springs into action. Our pets provide a unique insight into the role technology plays in our lives. Observing their reactions might just be the most effective way to comprehend the true dynamics between humans and technology.

Gordon concludes by saying “The biggest risk with technology is that we become so accustomed to it that we begin to perceive our relationships and the world around us through its filtered lens.”



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