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Unleashing the next generation of Wi-Fi

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In today’s digital realm, performance reigns supreme. Organizations rely on applications with critical tools demanding increasing bandwidth, especially for high-performance Wi-Fi on end-user devices. Slow connections hinder user experience, reduce productivity, and impact the bottom line. Wi-Fi 7, a new standard, takes wireless connectivity to the next level, offering significantly more throughput for bandwidth-intensive applications and devices.

The Power of Wi-Fi 7

Wi-Fi 7 can quadruple the performance of Wi-Fi 6 and double the available bandwidth, supporting 320 MHz channels for increased throughput. The Multi-Link Operation (MLO) in Wi-Fi 7 allows clients to be associated with and pass traffic on multiple channels, optimizing data flow. Features like ‘Punctured Transmission’ enable APs to transmit around interference sources, maintaining signal integrity in multi-user scenarios.

Wi-Fi 7’s Multi-RU OFMDA allows simultaneous transmissions to and from multiple clients, maximizing throughput in congested environments. However, Wi-Fi 7’s impact depends on the network’s capability. Fortinet introduces the FortiSwitch T1024, designed for 10 Gig edge devices with high-power PoE, supporting Wi-Fi 7 APs.

Networks Cannot Live on Wi-Fi 7 Alone

Wi-Fi 7’s potential is significant, but its effectiveness relies on the network infrastructure. Organizations may require 10 Gig edge devices like Fortinet’s FortiSwitch T1024 to meet Wi-Fi 7’s throughput demands. Security is crucial, as Wi-Fi 7 can expand attack surfaces.

Fortinet addresses this with the FortiAP 441K and FortiSwitch T1024, delivering cutting-edge wireless performance and integrating seamlessly with Fortinet Secure Networking for unparalleled security, visibility, and control.

By Nirav Shah, VP, Products and Solutions, Fortinet and Chris Hinsz, Senior Director, Products & Solutions, Fortinet

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