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Kaspersky transforms the United partner program

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Kaspersky has unveiled a significant update to its United partner program, aiming to better accommodate the increasing number of global partners.

The revamped partner program, benefits, and incentives are now more closely aligned with the unique business models of its partners.

As a partner-centric organization, Kaspersky primarily conducts its business through a global partner channel, collaborating with partners of varying business models and processes. To cater to this diversity, the Kaspersky United partner program has been restructured into four streams focused on different business models: Sell, Deploy, Manage, and Build.

Samer Malak, Head of channel for the Middle East, Türkiye, and Africa region at Kaspersky, emphasizes the company’s commitment to supporting partners and enhancing profitability. The updated partner program aims to empower partners by offering tailored benefits aligned with their business models, facilitating collaboration with Kaspersky’s top-rated solutions.

SELL partner program

The Sell partner program targets resellers, system integrators, and VARs, streamlining the rebate program and extending it to cover the entire portfolio of Kaspersky products.

DEPLOY partner program

The Deploy partner program aims to expand the network of expert partners capable of pre-selling, delivering demos, and providing Proof-of-Concept, offering additional technical support, enablement capabilities, and financial benefits.

MANAGE partner program

The Manage partner program focuses on supporting Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by introducing dedicated rebate programs, extending technical support, and aligning research and development efforts to support managed services business growth. It offers three partnership levels catering to different types of MSPs based on their expertise and sales volumes.

BUILD partner program 

The Build partner program targets Kaspersky’s Technology partners, providing streamlined partnership programs to enrich their offerings with Kaspersky’s expertise or accelerate the launch of their products and services. It offers two partnership levels: Technology and Strategic, each providing various benefits such as product integration support, access to Kaspersky R&D experts, and marketing assistance.

Timur Biyachuev, Corporate Business Executive Vice President at Kaspersky, highlights the company’s dedication to developing a profitable and convenient partner network. The updated United Partner Program offers differentiated benefits, including extended technical and marketing support, and partner-specific rebate programs, aiming to maximize returns for partners aligned with Kaspersky’s business model.

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