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Kaspersky Unveils 5 Tips for a Flawless Cleanup

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As life returns to normal post the festive season break, now is the optimal time to conduct much-needed cleaning of your digital footprint. This not only provides a ‘fresh’ start to the year but also enhances productivity.

Here are 5 tips from Kaspersky experts to boost your digital hygiene:

1. Delete Unnecessary Files:

Start by cleaning up your desktop, removing shortcuts and folders you no longer need. Subsequently, eliminate unnecessary files accumulated while surfing the internet, such as those in the downloads folder. Utilize the performance tab of an Internet security app, like Kaspersky, to identify and remove large files, duplicates, and temporary files. Afterward, ensure to empty the Recycle Bin.

2. Clean Up Your Email and Messengers:

Begin by unsubscribing from newsletters you never read. Delete old emails, especially those left unread for extended periods. Declutter messenger chats irrelevant to your job or personal life, and clear out the spam folder weekly. Always verify the URL when unsubscribing from email messages to prevent potential phishing attacks.

3. Uninstall Unused Applications:

Whether on your smartphone or laptop, uninstall apps you haven’t used in a long time. Start by deleting one unused app per day to free up storage space, memory, and mitigate potential security risks posed by outdated apps.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Notifications:

Manage the overwhelming number of digital notifications by identifying and disabling notifications from apps that abuse them. Many devices offer a focus mode that temporarily disables notifications during specific tasks or activities.

5. Check Your Passwords:

Address the common practice of using the same password for multiple accounts by adopting good password management practices. Use tools like Kaspersky Password Manager to identify unsafe passwords, create secure and unique ones using random generators, and store them in encrypted form across all your devices.

Brandon Muller, Technical Expert for the MEA region at Kaspersky, emphasizes the importance of incorporating cyber hygiene into everyday routines and using reliable security solutions like Kaspersky Premium to enhance online security and maintain system health in our digitally driven and connected world.

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