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How can teachers embrace and integrate AI in education effectively?

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Navigating the evolving landscape of education, educators acknowledge both the challenges and opportunities posed by AI. While AI complicates plagiarism detection, it also opens doors for efficient teaching and student engagement.

Renasha Papiah of Acer Africa emphasizes educators adopting AI on their terms, recommending six services:

1. My Grammarly – Grammarly

Grammarly is a grammar AI tool that analyzes written content, examining punctuation, sentence structure, and word choices. While not flawless, it significantly accelerates document revisions by efficiently identifying errors. Grammarly offers both a free tier and affordable paid tiers for users.

2.Animated Drawings (

Sketch is an animation tool designed to animate children’s drawings effortlessly. By making minor adjustments to a figure drawing, Sketch brings characters to life with actions like running and clapping in under a minute. This user-friendly and free tool is specifically crafted for easy use by children.

3. Spark your students curiosity (

Curipod exemplifies AI’s potential in education by generating customizable slide decks on various topics for user editing. It facilitates engaging student participation in quizzes and challenges without requiring downloads. Additionally, Curipod offers free and affordable individual and school packages, providing diverse educational functionalities. – AI Meeting Note Taker & Real-time AI Transcription

Otter is a swift transcription AI designed for voice notes and online class meetings, assisting educators in quickly transcribing live sessions and audio files. Despite not being flawless, it allows users to track and edit transcriptions directly with the audio, making it a useful tool. Otter is accessible through its website and mobile app, offering quick transcriptions for a nominal fee.

5.Photomath – Your Ultimate Math Help App | Math ExplainedPhotomath

Photomath, an advanced math aid app, uses photos to elucidate problem-solving steps, proving beneficial for learners and educators alike. By capturing an image of a math problem and selecting the appropriate solving method, Photomath guides users through the steps, making it an ideal in-class and homework tutor for learners and a valuable tool for educators to enhance their lessons.

6. The All New Chromebook Plus | Acer South Africa 

The Chromebook Plus, a laptop with native AI tools, stands out for its suitability in education settings due to reliability, security, and a user-friendly interface. Not only do Chromebooks excel in supporting various educational tools, but the new Chromebook Plus models specifically integrate AI features like audio and visual enhancements tailored for online sessions, catering to educators’ requirements and budget considerations.

“The growth of AI in education certainly feels like you can’t beat them, so join them, but while AI is perhaps inevitable, it’s important that educators adopt AI on their terms. They should test the different services, get to understand them a little better, and consider how these can help them and their learners.”


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