Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Leading Broker Reinforces commitment to AI

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CFI, the leading broker in the MENA region with a rich history of innovation spanning over 25 years, has taken a pioneering stance in the realm of AI technology throughout 2023. With a steadfast commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence for the benefit of traders, CFI has actively integrated new technologies into its operations.

Earlier this year, CFI unveiled Capitalise AI, an AI-based trading automation tool designed to empower traders to automate strategies without requiring development skills. Building on this innovation, CFI has now launched its own AI Trading Assistant, currently available in a Beta version within its app. This move signals CFI’s dedication to revolutionizing online trading by addressing key challenges faced by traders, including risk management, emotion control, simplified information access, and increased automation. The AI Assistant serves as a comprehensive companion for traders, catering to a diverse range of needs from providing the latest analysis to facilitating requests such as withdrawals and leverage adjustments.

Recognizing that the abundance of information available to traders can be overwhelming, especially for those new to online markets, CFI’s team is committed to educating traders on effectively utilizing emerging AI technology.


Simultaneously, CFI’s Research and Education team is launching an innovative webinar series titled “Trade with AI Advantage.”

This webinar series aims to help traders understand how to leverage and benefit from AI in their trading endeavors. As a trailblazer in innovative financial solutions, CFI extends an invitation to all traders to attend these webinars, focusing on the transformative role of Artificial Intelligence in shaping financial markets.

The webinars promise to educate participants on using AI-powered strategies and cutting-edge tools, delving into the nuances of AI-assisted trading.

Hisham Mansour, CFI’s Co-founder and Managing Director, emphasizes, “At CFI, we’re not just following trends; we’re setting them. We are thrilled to be the first in the region and perhaps globally to launch such tools and services to traders.

Our commitment to empowering traders and investors continually drives us to be at the forefront of the latest technologies and explore how we can expedite their adoption for the benefit of our clients. The Beta version of AI Assistant has enormous potential, and we invite all traders to test it and provide feedback so we can refine it and elevate it to the next level.

The AI webinars are just one of the many steps to enable our clients to accelerate their adoption of the latest technologies, staying one step ahead in everything related to trading. We will be hosting several exciting events around AI in 2024.”

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