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3 Handy Google Features for Last – Minute Holiday Shopping

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The frenzy of Black Friday has passed, but if you still find yourself in need of last-minute holiday gifts, fret not. Embracing the procrastinator spirit, one in three shoppers admits to leaving holiday shopping until the eleventh hour.

The demand for “overnight shipping” and “next-day shipping” peaks every December, with a notable surge in searches for “last-minute gifts” last year, spiking 800% from November to December.

To assist those scrambling for eleventh-hour presents, we’re highlighting three Google features that can streamline your last-minute holiday shopping experience.

1. Swift Product Filtering for Timely Delivery

Navigating the hustle and bustle of impending holidays can make finding timely gifts challenging. Acknowledging this hurdle, Google has introduced a novel way to streamline your search for swiftly deliverable products.

If you’re shopping for gifts on Google Search via mobile or desktop in the U.S., starting this week, you can now employ a “Get it by Dec 24” filter. During other times of the year, you can use the “Get it fast” filter.

This nifty feature allows you to identify products available for quick delivery, either because they’re in stock nearby or ship promptly. Upon activating the filter, you’ll be presented with relevant products marked with the merchant’s most economical on-time delivery option and its associated cost, as well as nearby stores stocking the item.

2. Package Tracking Integration in Gmail

For those closely monitoring delivery dates of last-minute purchases, Gmail in the U.S. offers a convenient package tracking feature.

Delivery updates are clearly labeled on shopping-related emails in your inbox list view, whether accessed on mobile or desktop. Expect further enhancements to this feature this month, including priority placement of emails with package tracking information if your delivery date undergoes changes.

Enable package tracking in your Gmail settings to have order statuses automatically displayed using available tracking numbers. At any point, you can opt out through your Gmail settings.

3. Effortless Retrieval of Return Policies

Despite thorough research, there’s always the chance that a gift might not hit the mark. Google aims to simplify the return process by providing easy access to a merchant’s return policy. Following the arrival of your package, Gmail on desktop and mobile in the U.S. will feature a link to the merchant’s return guidelines at the top of shopping-related emails.

Additionally, return policies are visible across Google Search, where labels like “free 90-day returns” on product listings or merchant links signal merchant-specific return details.

In the race against the clock for holiday shopping, these Google features aim to lend a helping hand, ensuring a smoother, more efficient experience for last-minute gift seekers.

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