Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Paving the Way for Cutting-Edge Cloud and Cyber Security in Africa

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Liquid C2, a subsidiary of Cassava Technologies, has officially entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud in Africa. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on November 10, 2023, signaling the commencement of this impactful collaboration. This partnership is a significant milestone for Google Cloud as it expands its presence in Africa’s cloud and security solutions market. Liquid C2, known for its rapid growth and strong regional presence, is an ideal partner for Google Cloud.

Oswald Jumira, CEO of Liquid C2, highlighted the potential of this partnership: “Our collaboration with Google will empower our enterprise, public, and SME customers to leverage the capabilities of Google Cloud, enhancing their data analytics and security postures with the latest AI-driven tools. Our multi-cloud strategy aligns with Cassava Technologies’ pan-African data centers and fiber broadband digital infrastructure, key enablers of our vision for a digitally connected future that includes every African.”

Umesh Vemuri, VP of Strategic Pursuits at Google Cloud, emphasized the commitment to invest USD 1 billion in the region and the goal of accelerating digital enablement for African businesses and governments. The partnership will concentrate on three primary solution areas:

1. Assisting customers in effectively integrating and leveraging their data through analytics and AI, breaking down data silos and maximizing data potential.
2. Providing customers with cybersecurity expertise and solutions to safeguard their data and assets, utilizing tools and practices like Chronicle and Mandiant solutions.
3. Enhancing collaboration and creativity by offering access to powerful collaboration tools such as Google Workspace, enhanced by generative AI (Duet AI), enabling teams of all sizes to work creatively and productively from any location with security integrated into the design.

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