Yale Unveils Smart Gate & Garage Opener for Seamless Control

Yale, a smart home security solutions provider, has unveiled its latest smart home device, aimed at enhancing convenience and security for all entry points in consumers’ homes.

Yale’s Smart Gate and Garage Opener allows app-controlled gate and garage door management. The Smart Gate and Garage Opener are both user-friendly and easy to install.

With this product, consumers can effortlessly open and close gates and garage doors as they approach or leave, eliminating the need to carry a separate remote control. Moreover, users will receive notifications whenever someone opens or closes the gate or garage door. They can also review access history at any time, from anywhere, through the Activity Log on the Yale Home app.

Users can conveniently grant permanent or temporary access to family, friends, or trusted service providers using a code or virtual key through the Yale Home app. Adding a Smart Keypad is particularly beneficial, allowing friends and service providers to access gates or garages without the app. For instance, users can grant access to delivery drivers by providing a PIN code, ensuring that packages are securely delivered and waiting for them when they return home, instead of waiting all day.

The Smart Openers are compatible with leading voice assistants like Google Assistant, enabling users to control their gates and garage doors through voice commands, adding an extra layer of convenience to access management.

The app allows users to monitor their garage and gate access, including any unauthorized entries. The Yale Home app offers extensive connectivity and smart capabilities for Yale customers.

This creates a seamless, one-app user experience that brings convenience and flexibility to the busy lives of consumers. It enables users to set up access for their garage, gate, and front, and back doors using the same code or virtual key and revoke access all at once if needed, making home management smoother.